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April 4, 2011
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A Cat's Cottage by YanasPrecursor A Cat's Cottage by YanasPrecursor
This is my Entry for the Fotolia Contest


Why I submitted
I always dwell over contest and their prizes and how it would feel to be a winner for once.. But I always put myself down by thinking I'm not going to win anyway or I'm not good enough. So for once, I took part in something greater than just a contest, I threw my shitty self esteem out the window and I will not care what anyone else thinks, because I did it for myself. Win or not, I actually did something for myself and I feel at ease with that.

About the Art
I had browsed through plenty of entries looking for an idea that had not yet been created. I noticed everyone using only one clock, cat, and fruit. Since the contest states that one must use at least one cat, fruit, and clock I decided to use all nine (9) stock photos from the Fotolia Asset Package.

I was unsure if I could draw the images freehand or if I had to use the image in some way in the art so I decided to make it safe by using the images and tracing over them. Therefor this art falls under the photo manipulation category.

The Story
So that the Judges don't get confused of what's going on let me lift some weight. This is a cat's cottage, clearly in this world cats can drink tea and eat cuisine! Of course cats admire Tigers, they are large cat breeds with perfected stripes. So on the wall to your left we have Miss Tiger (aka miss universe) who would never think of eating a mouse, but protects them. And we have the main cat sitting on the couch being a hypocrite and teasing the mouse hanging from a string holding the clock. We have fairies and fireflies in this world as well.


The original size is 1800x1080pixels
9 Stock Photos from Fotolia Asset Pack | |
Fruit: | |
Clock: | |
Start date was March 9th and finished today April 4th.
Good luck.


Oooooooh a Daily Deviation! You're so cool :iconwdwparksgal: you made my day so happy you have no idea ^^ Thank you so much!!!
And thank you all for the lovely comments and support!

If you like my art you can see more at my personal website or social networks. :heart:


Fotolia Contest

One Cat, One Fruit, One Clock
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Daily Deviation

Given 2011-10-16
A Cat's Cottage Fotolia Contest entry by ~YanasPrecursor ( Featured by WDWParksGal )
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so sweet, I LUV IT!!!!!!!
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It looks so cute! I think every cat would love to live there!
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Aw thank you! ^^
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This is gorgeous work, my friend, pure art! :heart:
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Why thank you dearly. :hug:
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